I would like to express the deepest appreciation to all the programmers/developers all over the world for sharing your source codes and libraries to all users and me.
I have learned that some of you have over 200,000 followers because you have contributed so much without asking anything in return.

Acknowledgement: Java
Author/Company Library/codes Description Website
Converter.class Convert from Mp3 format to Wav format
Christian d'Heureuse, Plot audio signal
mkyong How to detect OS in Java
Hussein Terek Java IO: difference between absolute,relative and canonical path
csanuragjain Access Clipboard content using Java
Many authors Various classes How to filter file type in FileDialog?
Many authors Various classes How to sort alphabetically while ignoring case sensitive?
Oracle Corporation Java Platform: Design Java SE Development Kit (Oracle JDK)
Oracle Corporation Java Platform: Runtime Java SE Runtime Environment 8 (Oracle JRE)
Refsnes Data CSS, HTML & JavaScript

Besides all the above, I would like to thank the following for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. It is so wonderful to learn from all you and others.

Acknowledgement: Hmong RPA & Others
Author/Company Description Website
Xia Vue Yang Brief Historical Background of The Hmong RPA Script and Its Founders
Walter Bisang Classifiers, Quantifiers and Class Nouns in Hmong
Jay Xiong RPA learning resources
Yuepheng L. Xiong English-Hmong/Hmong-English Dictionary Third Edition
Phaj Hauj Counting: Million = roob, billion = taw, trillion = tav
United Bible Societies Vaajtswv Txujlug: Names & books
List of currencies of the world

Finally, I wish you all the best, and thank you.

File name: Acknowledgement.html
Date: 12/1/2019