What Is New For Version 1.2.1?

Improvement and Features

The following describe some of the improvements and features:
  1. Due to the feedback from user for user friendly, a new setup feature such as System menu is implemented to create shortcut on the desktop for windows OS automatically instead of letting the user to do it manually.
  2. Reading sounds more like human instead of robot, and the option to change the speed.
  3. Instead of using external device to record audios of reading texts and other audio files while reading that takes time and gets poor quality, exporting audios by concatenating their digital audio files. This automated process is very fast, and the quality of the audios are as good as their originals.
  4. Convert from MP3 file format to Wav.
  5. Support to play files in MP3 format for music and other sound effects.
  6. Change all reading voices from stereo to monaural to save space by half while sound quality stays the same.
  7. Check spelling.
  8. Create more dictionaries.
  9. The process of normalizing and tokenizing texts before reading or exporting is 10 times faster.
  10. Redesign most menus to include helps written in HTML with pictures and links to other topics instead of writing in plain text, and to support double click when choosing an option.
  11. Extract Hmong vocabularies from external files with the option to form disyllables and polysyllables from monosyllables.
  12. Find & Replace features works better and highlights all found words.
  13. Implement password to protect from making changes to the document unintentionally.
  14. More...

Fixing Bugs

Besides all the improvements and features mentioned above, there are some bugs found and fixed as well.

Date: 12/7/2019
Version 1.2.1:
  1. Create Shortcut would not point to the correct path if software is installed in different directory other than Yuhalu.
  2. Set Foreground Color dialog would not set color if no text in document.
  3. Insert silence to the beginning and ending of each reading Wav file to reduce clicking sound.
  4. Change expiration date from 12/31/2019 to 5/31/2020.