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Yuhalu Hmong Text To Speech Software

This software is under modification. It will be posted here when ready. Sorry for the inconvenience.

ABC123 Software
Version 1.0
Operation system: Windows 10. Other Windows verions and Other OS have not tried yet.
Date released: 1/1/2023
Date Expired: 6/30/2023 (Update from time to time)

There is a new text to speech (TTS) with interactive learning in English. It is one of a kind.
It is written in Java to extend the capabilities of the FreeTTS, refer to the following.
  1. Provide interactive learnings by making push buttons on tabs for children and people who want to learn by reading aloud and showing the pictures.
  2. Extend the reading capabilities of Unicode code points, abbreviations and acronyms by implementing dictionaries.
  3. Preprocess text normalization in addition to its original one before reading text aloud.
  4. Reading text loading from a file or pasting from external web pages.
  5. Implement the abilities to:
    • Read conversational scripts with many people by assigning different pitches and speeds.
    • Export text to Wav file with different pitches and speeds.
    • Play audios in MP3 and WAV formats at different pitches and speeds.
    • Show pictures in GIF, JPG and PNG formats.
    • Record video while reading aloud by using third party screen recorder.
  6. Increase the number of reading words or records to be around 2.4 billion, and this depends on available RAM memory.

Software Installaton: Software Installaton

Download data (size: 90 MB) This is the file that contains the folders with all subdirectories and files.
This file needs to be extracted to folder ABC123 to be used.

Download Jar file:ABC123.jar (size: 12 MB) This is the file that contains the bytecode and classes to run the software.

Oracle's Software
In order to use the ABC123 software, the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) needs to download.
Click this link to go to Oracle's website to download the latest version for windows OS.

After download completed, use File Explorer to locate the file, then click on it to install, and follow the instructions as they show up.

JRE installation in case needed: Installing JRE (Java Runtime Environment)

Please share your knowledge with others.
Have fun using the sofware, and I hope that someone can make a dent to someone's else life.
Any feedback will be appreciated.
I wish you all the best, and happy new year.

Update: 1/1/2023