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  2. Click 'Show in folder' under the file to see its location when the new tab 'Downloads' shows up.

Installation instructions: Installation instructions (size: 303 KB) (Date posted: 12/1/2019)
Update instructions: Update instructions (size: 278 KB) (Date posted: 5/6/2019)

Yuhalu Hmong Text To Speech Software
Download: (size: 22 MB)
This is the file that contains the software and creates all subdirectories with their files except all the voices.
Version: 1.2.1 (patch) What Is New For Version 1.2.1?
Date released: 12/7/2019
Date expired: 5/31/2020)

To read Hmong RPA texts, at least one of the voices below needs downloaded and installed.
All other features on this software can be used without any installed voices if there is no need to read and to export texts to audio.

Voice Download
Zipped File Name Size (MB) Description Date Posted 235 Lower tone 12/1/2019 235 Normal tone 12/1/2019 238 One octave higher 12/1/2019 237 Higher tone 12/1/2019

Note: After download these voice files, make sure to unzip each of them to its correct folder to work; otherwise, the software cannot find them.

Unzip files:
  1. to C:\Yuhalu\Voice\KongC3
  2. to C:\Yuhalu\Voice\KongD3
  3. to C:\Yuhalu\Voice\KongD4
  4. to C:\Yuhalu\Voice\KongG3

There should be over 6,140 Wav files in each folder after unzipping. To verify using window explorer, click on the folder, right click, then click Properties to show the detail.

Oracle's software
In order to use the Yuhalu Hmong Text To Speech, the following software needs downloaded then installed on the user's computer first.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) download: This software changes so often so please check from time to time to download and update.
Click this link to go to Oracle's website: Recommended Version 8 Update 231 (size: 64.93 MB) to download the latest version for windows OS.
After clicking the link above and its window shows up, click the red button "Agree and Start Free Download" to download the file.
After download completed, locate the file, then click on it to install, and follow the instructions as they show up.

Note: In case an older JRE version was already installed on your computer, make sure the path points to the new version. If not, edit it to reflect the change; otherwise, the path still points to the old version, and it might not run the Yahalu Hmong Text To Speech software.

JRE installation: Installing the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Yuhalu Version 1.2.1
Date released: 12/17/2019
Date expired: 5/31/2020)

Update: 12/7/2019